Meet the team

The #breakthemold (#älämahdumuottiin in Finnish) - project is a non-profit art project that aims to increase equality, empathy, and understanding in the world. The project was founded by 2 professional photographers based in Helsinki, Finland, Niina Stolt and Mirkku Merimaa in 2017 and now they, together with 12 other photographers in Finland, have photographed almost 1200 individuals nude with a plastic mannequin, to demonstrate in a very straightforward manner how different, yet equally important and valuable we all are.

The #breakthemold -photographer team includes: Niina Stolt, Mirkku Merimaa, Sari Muhonen, Tiia Ennala, Merivi Sarenius, Jenni Könönen, Maria Grönroos, Tiina Haring, Reetta Muranen, Kati Latva-Panula, Emmi Virtanen, Mika Vallineva, Marc Sabat & Mari-Elina Lemmetty-Romu.

These people are set on changing the world. Through this work, they want to challenge the prevailing perceptions of how one should be or look like, and that way help people accept themselves and others as they are. No one should feel left out or be viewed as “the wrong kind”.

They are wholeheartedly involved in this project and we strongly believe that everyone is good and valuable just the way they are and we hope as many people as possible will join us on this journey towards a more equal, emphatic and understanding world.